“In the City of Flint, MI I spoke with the Sewer Super Attendant. In his calculations it cost roughly $5,500 dollars to go to a street and dig-up a shallow sewer to make a repair. In contrast, by using the PipePatch system he can go to the same repair and do the job for roughly $1,500.” – Michael J...
Michael J. Deneen
Michigan Pipe & Valve, Flint MI
We have just completed a two year footing rain disconnect project in the city. We disconnected storm water from the sanitary sewer in over 300 houses. During this process our contractors were introduced to PipePatch. This product was a great help to our project. The PipePatch product allowed us to...
DPW Director
Davison, MI
We have been using your PipePatch product since June of 2006. To date (2-1-07), we have used 30 patches on our local drainage systems and would like other cities who are considering your product to know how much it has helped our Construction Division and saved our city. We estimate that it has...
Jeff Anderson
Operations Superintendent
City Kansas, KS
“The Town of Grand Island repaired an 8-inch pipe buried 13 feet deep. The line was only 6 feet from the edge of East River Road and about 25 feet from the river, under an 8-inch cast iron water main, about 4 feet underground. If the town had gone with a conventional repair, instead of the...
In one repair our purchase of Pipe Patch paid for itself! We will continue using this great product and working with Source One Environmental.
Mike Fields
Water Pollution Control Plant Director
Marshalltown, IA
Your demonstration was professional, quickly conducted and turned out to be extremely effective in repairing an area we had been putting off. We will definitely consider this as an option on future pipe breaks.
Steve Hook
City of Mesa, CA
We have been extremely pleased with the PipePatch system. We have put six in the ground over the last year, each one working as prescribed. We are planning on installing even more throughout the year due to the system's effective, quick and cost effective nature.
Barry Dobbins
Hampton, VA
This trenchless technology is another option that has its place in avoiding surface disruptions. This repair was completed in a minimal time frame, on a busy street and at a considerable cost savings to the rate payer. PipePatch is a fantastic option for anyone looking to not disrupt the...
K. Stone
Operations Manager
Portland, OR
Thanks to the superb training and tools to do the job right the first time, our team has been able to install many successful PipePatches in Eugene, OR. It was great to be able to have the Source One Environmental team on-site the first time in order to ensure the product was being used correctly...
Rich Heil P.E.
Public Works Maintenance
Eugene, OR
“The Town of Tonawanda recently bought the Fernco PipePatch System from EJ Prescott. This system saved our town money, not only in man hours, but in restoration costs as well. The pipe we patched was 8 inches and buried 9 feet deep. If we’d gone the traditional route, we would have had to tear out...
Jim Coho
Town of Tonawanda, NY
I’ve done a cost analysis of doing a PipePatch versus a dig and replace. Fully loaded cost to do a PipePatch of my labor (union) of four people, Jetter/Vactor Truck, Camera Truck, fuel, and the cost of an eight-inch four footer is $1,100. The bare minimum I can repair a shallow line is $5,500. This...
Rob Smith
Sewer Foreman
City of Flint, MI
When I applied for stimulus money and didn’t recieve the funds, I knew I had to find an alternative that would be as effective as an excavation. I found something better. I have a few spots I needed repaired immediately and I couldn't afford to have anything dug up. With PipePatch, I was able to...
Randy Baeutigam
DPW Superintendent
City of Frankenmuth, MI
PipePatch has been so effective in Rocklin, that we have began to complete eight to ten repairs a week. We use PipePatch to repair cracks, infiltration and root intrusion, which has been highly beneficial in terms of cost, labor and time. PipePatch's trenchless technology allows us to create...
Sam Rose
Construction Manager
South Placer Municipal Utility District – Rocklin, CA
I wanted to share our success story. The procedure was a little tricky with the cleanout very close to the location of the broken pipe making for a very shallow turn and not much wiggle room. Dwayne is a master! I'm sure it was a lot of effort but he made it look smooth. Bob Bielawski from Armco...
“When I was dealing with the customer originally, we were going to remove his porch and dig down to replace broken sewer. It was at this time our company decided to contact Source One and see about the pipe patch, as the customer asked if there were any alternatives to fix the problem instead of...
General Manager
Point Edward, ON

Training and Consulting


While S1E has made a commitment to each customer to deliver quality products and service, we have taken the pledge further than many of our competitors. Our consultants work hard to pass along their expertise to customers and provide unparalleled access to our team at jobsites. We constantly strive to become partners with our customers because their success leads to our success.

A utility bored through a a sewer line in Beaverton, Oregon, causing heavy water and soil infiltration. Because a dig excavation was not an option, the Department of Trasnportation chose PipePatch, a CIPP, point pipe repair that stopped the infiltration in less than a day. View this video on Vimeo!

The city of Burton, MI was experiencing multiple water infiltration ares throughout their sewer systems. Source One Environmental educated contractors about the installation process, along with installing PipePatch, a trenchless solution that saved the city thousands of dollars in less than a day. View this video on Vimeo!

Two men use a 10 pound hammer in an attempt to break Source One Environmental's PipePatch. After two attempts, the pipe completely breaks, but not PipePatch. PipePatch, a trenchless point pipe repair, remained structurally intact during and after the blows. View this video on Vimeo!

Boulder City, Nevada had recently repaved their streets, but the construction had caused four feet of damage to the sewer below. Digging was not an option as it would be costly and time intensive. They city utilized Source One Environmental's PipePatch, an underground trenchless point pipe repair that cured the pipe in under 3 hours, thus saving thousands of dollars. The pipe was completely rehabilitated. View this video on Vimeo!


Flint, MI turned to S1E to remedy a sewer repair that was creating a sinkhole and causing the street to collapse. Pipepatch’s No Dig, trenchless solution solved both the sand and water infiltration with a permanent pipe point repair in 90 minutes. This underground repair saved the city time, resources, and money. View this video on Vimeo!