S1E came to Branson, MO. and did a demo on SealGuard II. The city had a manhole by a creek and was leaking around the pipe coming into the manhole. John went into the manhole and drilled a series of holes around and pumped this product into the holes. As he was applying the product you could watch...
I have reordered twice since I started using SealGuard. It is nice that there is a product that can be used by in-house personnel without going to the expense of hiring outside contractors. The cost of manhole repair using SealGuard is a fraction of what I have spent in the past. The staff at...
We have been astonished by the way that your product (Sealguard) has performed for us here at Leesburg. Since January of 2004 we have officially dedicated a 2 man crew to do our manhole grouting. We are taking advantage of the ability to grout the leaks when we find them and are having tremendous...
Rick Shooley
Center Sanitary Sewer System Manager
"After years of working with water plug products that required installation of nipples to channel the flow and frustrating long hours of labor per manhole, it is nice to see a product that works quickly and efficiently. We have been completely satisfied with SealGuard's total effectiveness, and...
Troy, MI completed a manhole assessment study and identified several structures with barrel joint leaks and low frames. A typical reconstruction of manhole chimneys consists of loading a dump truck with masonry sand, bags of Portland cement and hauling a large cement mixer, and is accompanied by...
The City of Marion, IN was introduced the SealGuard product line nearly two years ago by Source One Environmental. Extremely satisfied by the performance and cost savings with PipePatch, the City decided to give SealGuard a try. The City has a pump station located near Interstate 69 which ran...

See for yourself how simple and quick SealGuard II is to use and how quickly an infiltration is stopped.

SealGuard Product Line

SealGuard II Starter Kit
Part No. SG-6KITST

Kit Includes:

  • 6 - SealGuard II polyurethane grout
  • 6 - Premier Static Mixers
  • Dual component heavy-duty caulk gun
  • Safety goggles
  • Two pairs of chemical gloves
  • Safety clothing (disposable coveralls)